European Tibetan Congress


欧洲藏人第二次大会」制定未来活动决议, 挪威西藏之声10月18日报导

ཡུ་རོབ་བོད་རིགས་ཀྱི་ཚོགས་ཆེན་ཐེངས་གཉིས་པ།, Tibet Times

ETC Strengthens Community for European Tibetans, 11.October, The Tibet Post International

ཡོ་རོབ་བོད་མིས་ལས་འགུལ།, Shambala Post

歐洲議會倡議啟動, 9.August 2010, The Tibet Post International

“Second ETC to meet in France, “Chithue Initiative’ program launched” 7.August 2010, Phayul

Europe Tibetan Congress – a bridge to nowhere?, 17.October 2008, Phayul

1st Europe Tibetan Congress Calls for an Intensified Action Plan on Tibet, 13.October 2008, Phayul

HH Dalai Lama Extends Message to 1st Europe Tibetan Congress, 11.October 2008,

Switzerland to Host 1st Europe Tibetan Congress, 1.October 2008, Phayul


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